8 Qualities of the Exceptional Black Woman in Business & Entrepreneurship



In the world of business and entrepreneurship, women – especially those of color, are often made to feel powerless, voiceless, and invisible. Our success is slighted or attributed to luck as opposed to the hard work we’ve put in not only to play the game…but to CHANGE it.

In The 8 Qualities of the EXCEPTIONAL Black Woman in Business and Entrepreneurship, a group of amazing black female entrepreneurs share the intimate secrets of how they’ve successfully risen above the racial, gender, financial and generational disparities that threaten to keep women of color suppressed in business. Although fear has leveled our diminishing revenue footprint, we have the incredible opportunity to position ourselves as the next generation of powerful female leaders and become our best while we win!

The 8 Qualities of the EXCEPTIONAL Black Woman in Business and Entrepreneurship is for women who want to connect with others who look like us and have the ability to shift our mindsets from borrowers to the lenders we are purposed to be. It’s a solution-driven guide that articulates our collective experiences, while providing a blueprint for success as black women in business. If you are ready to gain clarity regarding what it takes for you rise above statistics and limitations, if you’re prepared to be challenged and provoked into greatness, if you know it’s time to move from the dream to the reality of success, take the plunge into these proven blueprints and wealth of knowledge from the experts who’ve not only dreamt it, they’ve achieved it. The EXCEPTIONAL black woman in business is no longer a myth; she is a powerful and necessary asset within the world of business!


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